Student Spotlight- Barbara Snyder


Why did you choose to train with Birth Arts? Birth Arts had a different way of teaching, which attracted me .

Did you feel the training offered something special to studentdoulas?Definitely, we are taught to embrace women, rather than learn by
more clinical methods in which sometimes do not get you to see the
whole woman.

What was your favorite part of the training?Learning how to use a Rebozo and the class itself, learning all Demetria had to give us.

Do you feel that the work BA requires will allow you to work as an effective doula?Yes because it makes me helps me learn to have an open mind and heart, and embrace the woman in labor...things that I believe in already.

Tell us a little about yourself- I am a stay at home mamma of my 4 glorious children, I am also a doula taking the Birth Arts course, I make beaded jewelry, I am a Trust Birth Leader, and I am also a licensed practical nurse. Right now I choose to mother my children the best that I can by staying home until my new little breastfed baby is older. I have had 3 unnecessary cesareans and one fabulous home water
birth! I like to garden , read, talk, and play with my children. And I believe that I am a strong and wonderful, beautiful woman!