Student Spotlight- Megan Phillips

Fall Winter 2006 Megan Phillips

Why did you choose to train with Birth Arts? When I worked with you at friend's birth I felt confident that I would learn every thing I could possibly need to further my doula work.

Did you feel the training offered something special for students? I really like the laid back atmosphere, with serious teaching/learning.

What was your favorite part of the training? I loved the Rebozo part, It was great to learn so much about it since I am a representative for The Rebozo Way, and it added much more for me than just babywearing!

Do you feel that the work Birth Arts requires will or does allow you to work as an effective doula? Absolutley, plus it makes me dig deeper into myself and go beyond with studying.

How are you working as a doula now? I have only done postpartum work since the training, because of my 2 little ones.

Tell us about yourself? I am a single mamma of 2 wonderful little girls. I am studying to become an herbalist so I can go on to the doctor of naturapathy and finally finish my top career goals. I want my girls to know that you can achieve anything if you put your heart and soul into it.

Megan harvesting herbs for her teas. Megan's Website