Mavis Gewent

MavisMavis has always had a passion for birth and babies, which led her on her path as a birth advocate, labor and postpartum doula and birth educator. Trained and certified through ALACE, she has supported families during, pregnancy, birth and beyond for more than 17 years. 

Mavis lives in the Hudson Valley, New York and is the mother of two grown sons. She is active in her community, teaching a variety of classes to pregnant couples and runs a support/study group for local area doulas, Doulas of the Hudson Valley. She also is a forum leader on All Doulas.

As a sacred artist and birth counselor, she combines ancient sacred imagery and wisdom for transformation and healing. Her work was recently published in When the Labyrinth Becomes a Laborinth, by Pam England. She is about to complete a Masters degree in Pre & Perinatal Psychology from The Santa Barbara Graduate Institute.

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