Jo Anne Crawford

Jo Anne started her birthing path after having gone through one cesarean, due to “failure to progress”, and one elective cesarean, due to a diagnosis of CPD. She had worked in a few hospitals over a few years doing newborn photography but wanted more. A friend of hers suggested she look into being a doula and she was totally sold!
Jo Anne received her doula certification through Childbirth International. She started her doula practice in 2006 and within a year found out that she was pregnant again. Of course, this time she would birth different. She planned and had a beautiful homebirth after two cesareans. Her video story can be seen on her website.
 In 2008 she joined the Birth Arts CBE program and is currently wrapping that up. Jo Anne also works as a birth assistant for a local midwife and volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center.  In 2009 Jo Anne attended The Farm Midwifery Center Birth Assistant workshop. She and her husband have been married for 11 years and have 3 wonderful children and live near Augusta, Georgia.
Jo Anne has had many different birth experiences working as a doula and has supported women in hospital, birth center, and home births.  Jo Anne has no set plans for her future in midwifery, whether to midwife or not, but one thing is for sure. She will be learning and working wherever childbirth is involved.


Video Submission for Midwifery Today Short Movie Contest