Herbs for Birth Care Professionals

Heart of Herbs Certified Herbalist

Correspondence Course- $300.00 Order Course

This option is offered with our sister school Heart of Herbs. Dual Certification offered.

The correspondence course is over 475 pages long, fully illustrated and full of medicinal herbal education and practical herbal lifestyle ideas. Along with the following lessons you will find articles about wild crafting, midwifery, Bach Flower essences, Aromatherapy and Nutrition are included. The course on average takes from six months to two years for most students. We have no completion time line knowing that "life happens" and sometimes students need to delay study for address these needs.

This program is the first level of herbal studies for one planning on consulting and teaching. People who take this program have gone on to study further, teach at co-ops, start their own business, open their own shop and teach herbal programs of their own. This program is known world-wide for its full teacher support, practicality and high rate of student success and satisfaction. Heart of Herbs has trained over 3,000 herbalist worldwide and we are known for being at the peak of excellence in reference to herbal education.

Quotes from some former students

Thank you for working with me to finish the program, I cannot believe the life changes this has erupted in me. You have made me feel as though I am apart of something I am so very proud of. J.A. 1999

Dear Demetria,

Thanks for all of your support. This program is not only excellent, but I learned more than I ever thought I would. I appreciate the interaction and all of your kinds words.

RC, CPM 2008

I am so glad I kept with it all, thanks. I have learned so much, so much I never understood before. You were right, it would click and it did. Thank you for believing in me and helping me come back to study after life settled down. Thanks for waiting for me and believing in me. N.N. 2001