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Meet a BAI Pro 0

Brandi Rainey- Student Spotlight

How long have you been a doula?

Officially, I’ve been a student for about a month now (as of 02/2008)  But unofficially, I’ve been a doula since I  was about fifteen.  When the women in my  family gave birth, I’d spend their first night home from the hospital with them,  to take care of them and the newborn.  So  it appears I’ve been a postpartum doula for a while.  I attended my first birth when I was  twenty-one.  My good friend demanded that  I be present during her labor and delivery.   She said her husband would be no good in the LDR.  She was right…lol.  She sang my praises to her family and they  kept me busy for a while.  Had I known  that there was an official capacity for a doula, I’d have been one for years  now!! But obstetricians don’t like to let on about the effacacy of women  helping women birth.


Do you feel BAI offered you something that was unique?  What was it?

I researched many different avenues for becoming a  doula.  DONA was offering a workshop in  my town in February, but I didn’t get the feeling when looking into it that I  did when I happened across BAI.  And  there was a training workshop for ICTC (International Center for Traditional  Childbirth) in Atlanta that I was all for, but circumstances prevented from  being able to attend.  But BAI is wise  woman-centered, which I love!  And it  offers advance doula training in herbs and nutrition.  I’ve already purchased the herbs course, so  when I finish the birth doula training and herbs course, it’s onto nutrition!


What was your favorite part of the training?

The activities!   They really make you go within yourself.   I can’t say that any other training that I researched focused so much on  preparing the doula-to-be for the spiritual aspects of this work.


Do you feel that the work Birth Arts requires will or does  allow you to work as an effective doula?

Definitely.  I was  raised in an obstetrics environment.  My  grandmother was an obstetrics nurse and I devoured all of her literature.  When my brother was born, I asked my mother  if she delivered vaginally or by cesarean.   I was six.  She said the nurses  were flabbergasted when she told them.   But I always felt like something was missing in maternity care.  A lot of soul-searching led me to become a  doula.  The work that BAI requires  affirms with each assignment that this is my path.  And it assures me that I have everything I  need to be an effective doula.  Maybe even  a good one.  But I’m not stopping  there…I’m looking into becoming a CPM in the future.


How are you working as a doula now?

I’m still not working officially as a doula, though my  first certification birth mommy is due any day now.  I’m glad I was so enthusiastic about getting  my bag prepared.  Though I never thought  I’d have a birth so soon!


Tell us about yourself.

I’m a thirty-three year old single mother of two future  midwives. (Oops, my hopes are showing!)   By day, I work in employee benefits.   By night, I’m a diligent and enthusiastic BAI student.  I practice Goddess-centered spirituality and  believe She is truly smiling on me right now.


Do you have a website? Please feel free to share.

And I just set up a new personal email account dedicated  to all things related to childbirth and midwifery.



Meet a BAI Pro 0

Student Spotlight- Sally Faulkner

How long have you been working in the birth field?
My journey towards supporting and educating women in birth began  with my own birth in 2000.  This hospital waterbirth, was, in a single  word, EMPOWERING.  It changed me.  Since then, I have had 2 more  births, both homebirths (one being a waterbirth, the other was was 1  hour start to finish!), each teaching me something else about myself.   It was my last pregnancy and birth in September 2006 that pushed me to  join Birth Arts in training as a birth doula.
Do you feel BAI offered you something that was unique? What was it?
Oh, how I ever did my research!  My third pregnancy was a  pivotal moment in my life, and I knew that working with women was what  I was called to do.  I spent most of my pregnancy (and nursing time  afterwards!) researching every possible doula program.  It was Birth  Arts International, with it bold mission statement, its feasible  distance plan (I had just had a baby, you see), it holistic model of  health, that resonated deeply with me.
What was your favorite part of the training?
 I am really starting to get into the “meat” of the program, and  have enjoyed processing every assignment.  Each assignment has really  pushed me where I needed pushing: to look deep into myself to answer  those questions that matter.  I also love that my daughters see me deep  in the learning process, the journey of my own self-discovery,  following this path.  Oh, what grand (and eye-popping) conversations we  have had!
Do you feel that the work Birth Arts requires will or does allow you to               work as an effective doula?
Thus far, I have found that my studies have allowed me a great  deal of reflection and consideration on my own beliefs and  perceptions.  I must face these feelings now, and consider how they  will affect my relationships with potential and working clients. I am  confident in the training and support that I am receiving!
How are you working as a doula now?

I am currently serving as a “doula to my family” while working  through the assignments in my Birth Arts International manual.  I spent  so much time struggling with finding that balance so many speak of,  that balance between family and work.  It was exactly what I needed to  hear (from a Birth Arts trainer!) that by serving my family in the best  way was being a “doula to my family.”  That one statement has made such  a difference in me.  As my youngest grows more independent, and as we  settle into our  new home and learning situation, I am able to move  more quickly through my work and hope to work with women my the end of  the spring!  While I am not currently attending births, I have found  myself supporting women in other ways, helping to build a network of  birth awareness and self-confidence in my community, being that ear,  offering what I can.


Tell us about yourself.
For being a homeschooling mother of three, I don’t stay home  much!  As a family, we are deeply rooted learning sustainable living,  in following our call to be good stewards of this earth.  As such, you  are likely to find books around the house on raising a variety of  critters, organic gardening, herbal remedies, and traditional foods (and plenty of Internet links bookmarked!). When we  are not at church, Girl Scouts, Mommy’s meetings or playdates (for all  of us!), you will find us reading, knitting, figuring out some new  craft or art (we have discovered modeling beeswax and dollmaking!),  collecting treasures for gnomes and fairies, or cooking!
Do you have a website?