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Meet a BAI Pro

Tammi Padilla


Why did you choose BAI?

I began to research Doula certification, in March, when I felt drawn to this line of work.  I have a friend in Portland, OR, who is a Doula, and she recommended DONA and CAPPA for my certifications.  But, when I found BAI, I felt like I had come home.  I love the holistic focus, and that we really have to dig deep for some of these assignments. Sure, it’s a lot more work, but I am learning so much more than I would have otherwise.  Not just about being a Doula, but about myself.  Also very helpful to me was the scholarship program.  I don’t know how long I would have had to wait to begin, without that assistance.
What did you learn about yourself while taking the program?

During the course of my studies, I have learned that there are times to stop thinking with my brain, let go, and just listen with my heart. I have learned to trust my gut instinct, and that it isn’t too difficult to feel what is needed in many situations. I have learned that I am stronger than I believed, and that many decisions in my life have led me to the path I’m on.
Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a mother of four, beautiful, perfect, children, aged 16 – 25.  My eldest, is expecting identical twin girls, who will be my first grandchildren.  Currently, I am working as an in-home caregiver for seniors, and in this capacity, I have really learned what it is to serve another human being.
Tell us about your business, or plans for the future.

I am concurrently working on my Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula certifications (although I am much farther along on the Birth Doula assignments).  Once these are completed, I intend to obtain my Childbirth Education and Breastfeeding Support certs, and also learn about Aromatherapy.  Although I do not intend to exclusively serve teens, I would like to specialize in supporting teen mothers, with these services.
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Doula Trainer- Helena Wu 0

Helena Wu

Helena Wu

Helena Wu is a fabulous BAI trainer. She is a gentle and thoughtful teacher. We are so blessed to have her on our team.

Helena of Moon Mountain Midwifery and Herbal Medicine  is a Licensed Midwife who has   been attending homebirths in the southern Vermont area since 1990. She trained   by apprenticing with different midwives and is a Certified Professional Midwife.   She has been a La Leche League Leader, Childbirth Educator (trained through   ALACE and Cooperative Childbirth Association), Doula and Postpartum Doula. Helena has been a BAI trainer since 2003.

She loves teaching about natural birth. “I am committed to keeping alive the   old ways of being with women, developing our tools (herbs and other natural   therapies, simple ritual, love) and passing along the wisdom.” She is the   owner of Good Medicine Tree, an herbal apothecary, where she   offers products, herbal education courses (Happy Heart Sacred Plant Medicine and others) and health consultations. Fostering humankind’s awareness of their   connection with Nature and Spirit is her passion. She is a member of the Vermont Midwives Alliance, the Midwives Alliance of North America, National   Association of Certified Professional Midwives, United Plant Savers and is on   the Council of the Northeast Herbal Association.


First Genetic Markers That Predict Postpartum Depression 0

First Genetic Markers That Predict Postpartum Depression

By  May 21, 2013


Researchers say that a blood test may soon identify which pregnant women are at highest risk of developing postpartum depression, so they can seek treatment that could control their symptoms.

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As with all genetic testing we need to approach this with caution and thought. It would be tragic if a mother thought she could have PPD from the beginning instead of being educated with her family on what to look out for.


What is a Doula? – audio article 0

You can listen to “What is a Doula” if you want more information about doulas and what they can offer families.

Doulas can offer parents support, educational resources and compassionate care.

The birthing woman deserves to be honored and supported as she embarks on this most challenging, heartfullfilling and expressive journey. Birth Arts educational programs are for those who want to get to the heart of what it means to be “with woman”. Being a doula is truly being with women, where they are emotionally, spiritually and physically- BAI Philosophy