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Special delivery… why London women are spending up to £5,000 on private midwives 0

Special delivery… why London women are spending up to £5,000 on private midwives. London women are taking private midwives into the labour ward to supplement their care. Jasmine Gardner on the new birth plan.

This is becoming more common all over the world. Women in the US are opting for homebirths even in states where it is illegal to practice as a midwife. Why are women doing this?

1. Homebirth is safer

2. Respectful care

3. Mother’s needs are addressed and they are not just a number.

4. Women are tired of their health care being dictation by what is hot, what others are doing and what someone else wants with little evidence that it is safe or warranted.


First Genetic Markers That Predict Postpartum Depression 0

First Genetic Markers That Predict Postpartum Depression

By  May 21, 2013


Researchers say that a blood test may soon identify which pregnant women are at highest risk of developing postpartum depression, so they can seek treatment that could control their symptoms.

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As with all genetic testing we need to approach this with caution and thought. It would be tragic if a mother thought she could have PPD from the beginning instead of being educated with her family on what to look out for.


What is a Doula? – audio article 0

You can listen to “What is a Doula” if you want more information about doulas and what they can offer families.

Doulas can offer parents support, educational resources and compassionate care.

The birthing woman deserves to be honored and supported as she embarks on this most challenging, heartfullfilling and expressive journey. Birth Arts educational programs are for those who want to get to the heart of what it means to be “with woman”. Being a doula is truly being with women, where they are emotionally, spiritually and physically- BAI Philosophy


Hello World:) 0

Welcome to the new Birth Arts International community blog. We will be posting professional student articles, comments on events, and information for parents, professionals and families at large.

We believe in the natural process of birth, motherhood and family and hopefully we can assist you with questions, information and ideas to help you along on your journey.

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