BAI Doula Trina Baggett

Where are you located?

I am located in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

Why did you choose Birth Arts International?

I picked BAI over all other organizations because I felt that it is the only organization that offers a multicultural approach. To BAI, the doulas are trained to serve mothers and keep birth family centered. Birth belongs to the family and families deserve to have a doula who understands the sacredness of birth.

BAI meshes well with my personal philosophy that  birth belongs not to the doulas, not to the midwives, and not to the OBs. It belongs to the families and as a doula I am thankful to be asked to share their journey with them.

I feel BAI helped me to find my own path into birth work. It took me on a path of self reflection and discovery. BAI helped to make me a better person and doula.

I would encourage mothers to seek BAI doulas because we are trained holistically. We respect the mothers right to choose what is best for herself and her baby. We trust the mothers wisdom and support her choices.

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