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BAI Student- Jenny L Jolley Bundt 0


Jenny L Jolley Bundt

What program are you enrolled in?

I am enrolled in doula, postpartum doula and breastfeeding educator.

Why did you choose Birth Arts International?
I chose BAI because I felt that it wanted to train me to be a doula and a better person. When it comes down to it yes being a doula is a career but its also a lifestyle and I like that BAI prepares you for and covers all angles of pregnancy and childbirth.

What services do you offer?
Right now I offer doula, postpartum doula, breastfeeding help and placenta encapsulation
Clients can find me in various ways. I have my website and also have a Facebook page. I’mĀ also in various Facebook groups and talk to potential clients often.
My website

Tell us about yourself.
I have three beautiful children but all my births have been traumatic experiences and although I cherish the days they were born because I got my babies, the memories are painful. It became my mission to research and educate myself to help women have a beautiful experience and memory to reflect on for years. I didn’t realize I could be paid for it, so finding out about being a doula was a win-win for me :)