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BAI Student Profile- Angie-Pie Valentin

Angie-Pie Valentin

I chose BAI because the programs seemed to be far more extensive and in greater depth than programs with other certifying organizations. I also really liked that there were scholarship opportunities and that once certified, I would not have to continue to renew my certification or pay more. It wasn’t until I started the program that I found that there were many, many more benefits – like a community of other birth workers at all different levels of their journeys and that the Director would be so warm and genuinely caring of each of the students and their progress.

I have learned so much about myself since enrolling in the Birth Doula Certification Program. The program curriculum pushed me to dig deep within myself to access strengths I never knew I had. I have learned to better cope with everyday life challenges and obstacles, I have learned how to better care for myself by nourishing my soul and body

but most of all I have learned to listen to others in a way I never have before which in turn enables me to care for and support them efficiently. The BAI Birth Doula Certification Program has not only taught me new skills and tools but has taught me how to apply them in everyday life and everyday situations, including those within my family and personal relationships as well as advocacy for my own well-being, not just as they would pertain to birth work. This program is truly invaluable as the impact on my life has been so great. I highly recommend every doula take this program. Hands down.

I am a single “mumma” to two children, a former surrogate, and founder/ director of Doulaville Birth Services. I absolutely love my work as a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth & family educator and placenta processor. I one day hope to become a homebirth midwife but not until my children are a bit older.

While I am passionate about birth work in general, I am

  • especially passionate about community awareness and connecting free/low cost birth service providers with families who have no/low income through Doulaville CARES! a unique program designed to do just that – link families with birth workers so that every woman can in fact have a doula should she want one. You can learn more about Doulaville at where you can meet the Doulaville Doulas in the Seattle-Tacoma Puget Sound, in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as the Doulaville CARES! Directory of free/low cost birth service providers across the entire U.S. and growing in Canada too! I hope to grow the Doulaville CARES! Directory into a comprehensive resource for expecting families and birth workers alike.

    Angelina “Angie” Valentin
    Founder, Director, Doula
    Doulaville Birth Services in Seattle and San Francisco

    Doulaville Doulas in San Francisco Bay Area & Seattle Tacoma Puget Sound

    Support through the childbearing year by preparing, supporting and nourishing women and their families. Doulas in Seattle Puget Sound & SF Bay Area.