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Free Your Mind by Laurie Morgan 0

Free Your Mind by Laurie Morgan

Being an unassisted homebirthing, family bedding, breastfeeding, natural health promoting, home learning, attachment style, gentle guidance, and stay at home mothering advocate for the past five years or more has given me plenty of experience in critical thinking through the questioning of so-called “conventional wisdom.” But, as a mom of three I still find occasions where it’s valuable to examine my parenting assumptions on a daily basis.

Many parents are sucked into unhealthy, inefficient, ineffective patterns by simply accepting status quo. It took me more than 20 years just to realize that the method my mom taught me of folding bath towels twice in half and twice more in thirds was an extreme waste of my valuable time, energy, and patience. It took three toddler-hoods of pulling apart my neatly stacked piles to realize that it’s smarter to bend towels only enough to fit the cabinet (if you even bother to get them that far) and nothing more. Ever heard of picking your battles? Being a mother of three energetic girls under the age of five has taught me this valuable lesson to the extreme.

The towel folding episode was a simple lesson compared to some of those I and many of my alternative leaning friends have learned the hard way. One of my own biggest regrets is that I assumed without question that babies need (or are even benefitted by) assistance to be born. Two glorious, complication-free unattended births later, I know that birth itself needs no assistance at all, and that even “high risk” pregnancies are most often actually placed at greater risk by medical interference. Like I said though, it’s taken the courageous application of serious critical thinking to come to these conclusions, because they aren’t the popular ones held unquestioningly by most parents and parenting “experts.”

From such simple ideas as that babies must be bathed regularly in bubbles and plastic tubs, need pacifiers, bottles, swings and bouncy seats, disposable diapers, cribs, strollers, and vaccinations, must be left with strangers frequently and punished occasionally, all the way to the farce that is public education, every bit of modern parenting benefits from examination. In reality not only are all these I’ve listed actually optional, but many of them are far more dangerous and difficult than other options that are available.

Birthing babies freely at home, nursing cloth diapered babies unrestricted and skin to skin as we sleep peacefully and safely in the family bed. Entertaining, nurturing, and protecting them effortlessly and peacefully with free access to food and comfort throughout the day in a simple sling carrier. Supporting natural health by the best, most inexpensive nutrition and avoidance of “preventive” medicine. Learning in freedom with respectful guidance. These actions reward conscientious examination of parenting practices with greater overall ease, better health, security, true independence, freedom, stronger family bonds, and are even often the least expensive ways to live.

Materialistic parenting encourages materialism in children. Kids who have had simple parental attention and love replaced with the latest gadgets and goods require increasingly more and more of these to fill the bottomless pit of emotional lack that they will necessarily feel. Children who are unabashedly nurtured can be given realistic amounts of material blessings without becoming “spoiled” which is just another word for the dependence of addiction. Most of the popular parenting practices we see today are band aid reactions to problems that other popular practices such as technological birth, inferior feeding methods, ignoring babies’ need to be held and comforted, spanking, force-feeding cookie cutter “education,” and the like cause.

So much of modern parenting is swept up in social convention that this article could go on forever though. The simple answer for parents is to question, investigate, question some more and never stop. Some things you’ll end up doing just like everybody else because it really is the best choice for you and your family, but most often you’ll find that as far as parenting is concerned, if “everybody’s doing it” it’s probably potentially harmful. The only way to find out for sure is to free your mind and explore the choices for yourself.


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This was originally printed in GreenTit, an online journal I published years ago.


10 Baby on the Cheap Ideas 0

10 Baby on the Cheap Ideas

1. Hand me downs!!

2. Buy used furniture. If it is refinish-able, refinish, if not try painting geometric designs or patterns. You will be surprised at your creative genius.

3. Try finding toys and bedding at yard sales or thrift stores. You will be amazed at what needs just a good clean. I know plenty of people who have gotten almost new items such as car seats, carriers and clothes this way. (Update- it is not generally suggested for safety’s sake to use a used car seat.)

4. Learn how to make mobiles and crafts as activities to do with your children, check out your library.

5. Breastfeed. Breastfeeding will prevent illness (less doctor’s visits) and it is free (formula is approximately $1200 a year).

6. Look into the economics of cloth diapers. Paper diapers generally cost $1,092 a year. These are not even the more environmentally friendly ones like Tushies.

7. Educate yourself on children’s needs and illnesses to lessen unnecessary doctor visits. This is not to suggest one doesn’t take their child to see their health care provider. Check out my book -Herbal Healing for Children. You will find a lot of ways to save money around the house.

8. Cook from scratch for your baby’s food and use a blender or food mill. Try simple foods like yams, rice, peas, etc.. babies do not need canned and processed meals in a jar. My children were eating curries with us a 10 months old (mild ones) they was wanted what we were eating.

9. Learn to make your own detergent, household cleaners and cooking mixes. They save money and can be non-toxic, safe and cheap.

10. Tell friends and relatives about raising on the cheap and you will be surprised how others want to loan or give you stuff they no longer want.


How to sew a baby carrier sling

The following directions will help you create an unpadded sling similar to a Maya Wrap. Slings are easy to make, and magnificent to use with infants and toddlers! I suggest you use medium to heavy weight 100% cotton fabric for your sling. You can also use a stretch cotton, or cotton blend. You want to use a fabric that will be strong and durable and appropriate for your climate, you may not want polar fleece in Alabama. It’s essential to choose non-directional prints. You want a machine washable fabric; after all, you’ll be carrying your child around in this sling and who knows what will get on it. (Well we all know) You can also use mesh for a sling to take in a swimming pool or lake during the summer. The mesh fabric should be strong enough for everyday use, so make sure you purchase a strong mesh.


1 1/2 – 2 yards of fabric (45” or 60” wide fabrics will both work; it depends on your preference. The length of fabric will depend on your body size and how long of a tail you want.)

Matching thread

2 heavy duty metal or plastic rings at least 3 inches in diameter (you can use macramé rings found in craft stores, or order rings made specifically for slings online.)

Sewing Directions:

Fold salvage edge over 1/4 inch, and then again another 1/4 inch and sew, creating a narrow hem. Repeat on other side finishing off salvages.

2. Trim both unfinished ends of fabric along cut line evenly. Hem using same method used for salvage edges. You will now have a long rectangle of fabric with all edges neatly hemmed.

3. Next, you will create the part of your sling that will rest on your shoulder and hold the rings. You will need to divide the width of your fabric by three and accordion fold the fabric evenly and uniformly. For example, if you have selected a 45 inch wide piece of fabric, you will need to fold it into approximately 15, 3 inch sections to obtain a neat three inch wide stack of fabric to loop through the rings to create the shoulder rest.

4. Once one end of your fabric is accordion folded, loop it through BOTH rings. Fold the fabric back against itself and sew securely to hold the rings. I suggest sewing several rows of straight stitching about 1/4 inch from each other.

5. Gather the opposite end of the sling together loosely in your hand. This will now become the “tail” end of your sling. Loop it through both rings, pulling it back through one ring only to secure it and make it adjustable.

Your sling is now ready for use! By pulling the tail through the two rings you can adjust and custom fit the sling to you and your baby. This sling has a large tail that can be used for discreet breastfeeding in public, a drool rag, and added warmth in cold weather. The lack of padding in this sling (as opposed to other types) makes it extremely versatile and able to conform to many different carrying positions and body types.


Green Tit is just sharing directions and does not take any responsibly for these instructions and mishaps that may occur from following said instructions. This is the responsibility of the reader.

BAI is also just sharing directions also. We want you to make sure that all you do is safe.


Antibiotics for Strep Do More Harm Than Good 0

Antibiotics for Strep Do More Harm Than Good- Read More

Group B Streptococcus (group B strep)  is a type of bacteria that causes illness in people of all ages. Also known as  GBS or baby strep, group B strep disease in newborns most commonly causes sepsis (infection of the blood),  pneumonia (infection in the lungs), and sometimes meningitis (infection of the fluid and  lining around the brain). The most common problems caused by group B strep in  adults are bloodstream infections, pneumonia, skin and soft-tissue infections,  and bone and joint infections.- form the CDC.

I was just writing about this for my new book, it will contain herbal and aromatherapy remedies for GBS.

I can’t really share, don’t want to break any publishing agreements, but I am sure it would be okay for me to share some nutritional options for GBS.

Some nutritional considerations are:

Garlic 1-2 cloves a day

Probiotics and probiotic rich foods.



Foods rich in vitamin C

Gobo or Burdock root eaten as a food. This can be eaten in casseroles, stir fry, roasted with other root vegetables, and pureed in soups.

Nasturtium Blossoms- these can be eaten in salads, or as peppery flavorings to food.

Shitake Mushrooms- They contain antiviral and antibacterial agents, and it is known to boost the immune system.

Excerpt from Demetria Clark’s upcoming book.


Post from- Jeny Tamayo in Spanish 0

PARTO: Mi Puerta Hacia la Espiritualidad

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No se si hayas escuchado lo que muchos maestros espirituales han querido compartir sobre nuestra existencia, y de la información que todos podemos acceder por medio de nosotros mismos y nuestras experiencias. Hoy se abren puertas a nuevas oportunidades y formas de pensar lo cual lo podemos aplicar en todo el proceso de nuestra vida.

Y que es vida? en mi punto de vista es el conjunto de experiencias y etapas por la cual pasamos todos lo seres vivientes, lo que hace la diferencia es la percepción en que vivimos. Ya hemos vivido lo suficiente en el terror y el miedo, el sufrimiento, la pobreza, manipulación y confusión. La oportunidad esta en todos y en todo, cada experiencia que vivimos es una oportunidad y esta en nosotros aprovechar y aprender recogiendo las herramientas que cada una de estas experiencias nos dejan. En mi experiencia de parto quiero compartir que incluso sin saberlo en el momento pero que ahora veo muy claro es una enseñanza de vida que guardo como un tesoro. Me sentí tan fuerte, tan capaz de hacer cualquier cosa que cuando voy atrás y recuerdo las etapas por las que pase en este proceso tan extraordinario y hermoso, reafirmo que después de vivir la intensidad del momento todo es posible. Por eso quiero compartir mi experiencia con la esperanza de que pueda ayudar alivianar el temor en relación al parto, y hasta quizás en relación a cualquier experiencia. Al principio cuando las contracciones eran tolerables abrí mi mente a todas la posibilidades. Hablaba con mi cuerpo y con mi bebe, dándome seguridad de que si lo podía hacer y que yo si era capaz, visualizando el momento en que podría tener a mi bebe en mis brazos. Metida en mi interior me decía a mi misma que mi cuerpo estaba diseñado para este trabajo y que todo era totalmente normal que el dolor quería decir que todo va bien y que el proceso avanza y pronto conocería a mi bebe. A medida que las contracciones se hacían

PARTO : Mi puerta hacia la espiritualidad mas fuertes esto era lo que me repetía continuamente pero llego un punto que me di cuenta que estaba siendo muy resistente como cuando uno hace ejercicio y se hace el fuerte a pesar de que esta que tira la toalla, me di cuenta que esto lo único que hacia era que el dolor comenzara a ser cada vez mas intolerable y como un mapa vi otra opción y era simplemente dejar de resistirme al dolor y mas bien unirme a el. Me metí en mi zona donde solo estaba yo aunque tenia bien presente a los que me rodeaban sintiendo su apoyo. Comencé a visualizarme en una montaña la cual yo subía y bajaba a la par con la contracción. El dolor se había convertido en nada mas que la montaña y fue mas fácil continuar en el proceso aunque con mucha concentración, cuando en ocasiones perdía la concentración y me empezaba a desesperar mi grupo de apoyo -mi hermana, esposo, midwife y mi mama- estuvieron ahí dándomen fuerza y certeza dejándome saber que lo que estaba haciendo lo estaba haciendo muy bien.

La posición que encontré mas cómoda fue estando parada pues podía moverme en forma circular y eso fue algo que solo salió de mi cuerpo sin yo pensarlo o planearlo y me di cuenta al estar tan profundamente en mi interior que estaba ayudando a abrir espacio para mi bebe, esta fue otra etapa y simplemente me deje llevar y dejaba al cuerpo hacer su trabajo. Quizás para los de afuera parecía una loca bailando por todo el cuarto pero no me importaba pues como magia sabia lo que estaba haciendo. De repente comencé a sentir algo diferente y creo era presión pero en ese momento era difícil ponerle una etiqueta a lo que sentía, yo solo seguía el ritmo y sin darme cuenta estaba empezando a hacer fuerza, sin saberlo esta pujando suave y sin esfuerzo. Mi midwife me sugirió aconstarme pues al ver las señas de mi expresión corporal se dio cuenta que estaba pujando, me chequeo y aunque no estaba totalmente dilata me dejo hacer mi trabajo, pero no era yo era mi cuerpo y mi expresión era solo el reflejo de lo que estaba pasado en mi interior. Durante esta etapa llego un momento que quise simplemente no mover ni un músculo me deje caer y se sintió bien pero mi midwife y el resto se asustaron y me despertaron, entonces sentí mucho dolor y trate de desesperarme pero todos me hablaron tratando de calmarme, lo hice aunque había perdido un poco la concentración. Decidieron darme algo para descansar en medio de las contracciones aunque duro muy poco pues mi cuerpo ya estaba listo y mi bebe también, solo puje unas cuanta veces para darle vida a mi hermoso bebe y con el una de mis mas preciadas experiencias. Con la guía de mi midwife mi bebe fue recibido a este mundo por las mejores manos, las de su co-creador -su papa- convirtiendo este momento aun mas mágico. La conexión con mi bebe fue inmediata y sin interrupción, lo alimente enseguida y era como si ya supiera lo que hacia, mas que instinto yo lo llamo magia divina.

Todo es perfecto en ese momento es un estado de completa satisfacción y paz. Al plantear cada etapa por la que pase, hoy me doy cuenta que de igual forma cada problema o situación tiene un camino hacia la solución y es así como esta experiencia se a convertido en mi enseñanza de vida. Quisiera que nadie desaprovechara su experiencia recibiéndola con amor, aceptando cada etapa sin miedos, sintiendo lo que pasa dentro, viviendo cada minuto en intensidad para aprender a vivir cada minuto de nuestras vidas de la misma manera, con la certeza de que no importa por cual etapa de nuestra vida estemos pasando todo tiene una solución y una gran recompensa. ¨No resistirse es rendirse ante lo que no se puede cambiar dandole paso a la nueva persepcion de cambio, por que rendirse es no dejar de luchar.¨


~Jeny Tamayo~




Special delivery… why London women are spending up to £5,000 on private midwives 0

Special delivery… why London women are spending up to £5,000 on private midwives. London women are taking private midwives into the labour ward to supplement their care. Jasmine Gardner on the new birth plan.

This is becoming more common all over the world. Women in the US are opting for homebirths even in states where it is illegal to practice as a midwife. Why are women doing this?

1. Homebirth is safer

2. Respectful care

3. Mother’s needs are addressed and they are not just a number.

4. Women are tired of their health care being dictation by what is hot, what others are doing and what someone else wants with little evidence that it is safe or warranted.


First Genetic Markers That Predict Postpartum Depression 0

First Genetic Markers That Predict Postpartum Depression

By  May 21, 2013


Researchers say that a blood test may soon identify which pregnant women are at highest risk of developing postpartum depression, so they can seek treatment that could control their symptoms.

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As with all genetic testing we need to approach this with caution and thought. It would be tragic if a mother thought she could have PPD from the beginning instead of being educated with her family on what to look out for.


Why? Who am I? 0

Why a blog for BAI?

For many years people have asked so many questions about birth, my life, my family, how I raised my children, so I thought it was about time for me to start answering them and to start participating more with potential students and parents in another avenue.

We have twitter, Facebook, email and now a blog. The  blog will not just be about being a BAI professional, but about health, life, love and things that make me joyous.

So I am going to share some things about who I am as a person.

1. I love my family, more than anything, full stop. My sons are my greatest love in my life. I loved my husband at first sight. We met and became a couple when I was 15 years old.

2. I am still married, in love with my husband and we have been married for over 20 years.

3. Okay, something that is not always obvious, I love home décor. I have been told I have an incredible eye for offbeat classic. I also love a bargain. I often get things for less that 1/2 price off. I enjoy the hunt, I love bargain hunting, antiquing, and collecting artworks that I love. Maybe if I ever get brave enough I will post pictures. We are redoing a dutch colonial I found as a foreclosure in NC.

4. I love to travel. I have been to over 20 countries. I find people love sharing their culture as much as I like sharing mine.

5. I can read a 1200 page book in a day.

6. I can’t remember the last time I took a day off. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t even answer and email.

7. I unschool my two teens. Well not technically anymore I guess. My 16 year old is in college now, so my younger son is still unschooled. No matter what anyone said I believed in my children, I believed in my instinct. I trusted my sons. My sons are smart kids, but they know how to explore and find answers. They are people smart, confident, and we communicate with each other. I am so lucky to have these amazing kids.

8. I attended my first birth at 15 years old.

9. I breastfeed 2 boys for 6.5 years. My eldest for 2 years and my youngest for 4.5. I still believe this primal bond keeps us connected. We also co-slept and family bedded.

10. I love a good mystery. I can read and re-read Sherlock Holmes. I read all types of mysteries, forensic based ones, ones where the detectives are cats, quilters, bakers, etc.. As long as it hooks me, I am in.

Okay, so for me this was a major share:)



What is a Doula? – audio article 0

You can listen to “What is a Doula” if you want more information about doulas and what they can offer families.

Doulas can offer parents support, educational resources and compassionate care.

The birthing woman deserves to be honored and supported as she embarks on this most challenging, heartfullfilling and expressive journey. Birth Arts educational programs are for those who want to get to the heart of what it means to be “with woman”. Being a doula is truly being with women, where they are emotionally, spiritually and physically- BAI Philosophy