About Birth Arts International

Birth Arts International was originally founded in 2000 by Demetria Clark as the Green Mountain Doula Guild. Since then the organization has expanded and grown into Birth Arts International. We have gone from a regional body to one that is working internationally, offering extensive doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, midwifery assistant and advanced doula trainings.

Birth Arts International has trained over 6000 birthworkers worldwide, and that number continues to grow year after year.

The Birth Arts International Trainers are:

Demetria Clark- Global Director European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian Class Facilitator and Trainer

Helena Wu- East Coast Class Facilitator, Eastern Canadian Trainer

Beth Leianne Goldberg- Mid Altlantic Trainer

Patricia Couch- NW Trainer

Eloise Maeva Ciceron- Mexico, Spanish and French Speaking European Trainer.

Mavis Gewant- Eastcoast, South, Southwest, and Westcoast Trainer.

Joyce A. Vanselow- Eastcoast, NY Trainer

Jo Anne Crawford- Southeast Trainer- GA, AL, SC, FL

Amie Salter- West Coast Postpartum Trainer

Please feel free to request specific trainers also.

Visit our Trainer Bio page for more information about Birth Arts International Trainers.

Standards of Practice


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